Barter For Services – Always A Good Deal!

Here is an odd situation that I ended up in. I got a call from a friend he wanted me to take a look at his IT system and suggest possible upgrades. Well, I went to look what’s going on there and we ended up with a few good ideas how to improve his computer network and whole IT system. You know, you need to do that every few years because you just don’t notice how new things and software pile up and you add few more workstations here and there, have a web server or even put up some Microsoft solutions like SBS server or whatever they now call it and you end up having most of your network routers, Wi-Fi routers and so on working at maximum or even being overloaded. Nevermind the workstations.

samsung SSD drive 256gb

So, a shiny new hardware you bought three years ago today look like something almost out of PC history museum 😀 Not exactly the case with my friend, but you know, thats the usual situation. In his case he wanted few workstations upgraded on a minimal budget and asked me what to do with few older laptops that started running slower. Ahh, and that’s the topic I know fairly good. Reanimating slow laptops and making them work fast is what I actually can do. First of all, if you are on a budget and don’t want to spend $$$ on new Dell or Lenovo, you can do few simple upgrades – adding more ram usually helps a lot and RAM modules are very cheap. Next step which usually adds MASSIVE speed boost is migrating your old hard drive to SSD! Seriously, new solid state drive will basically make your old creepy crawly lappy fly like a rocket again and at a fraction of new laptops price.

Seriously, doubling RAM and moving to SSD will give your laptop new life! And another good thing about it is that these drives supposedly are much safer – think like a huge chip, no moving parts, nothing to break if your laptop (God forbid) falls down or you accidentally bump it on some corner – been there, happened, hit my old lappy on table corner while moving it and got plenty bad clusters on old HDD… had to replace :-/

So, you know what’s best here? We could not agree much on my work prices, so we ended up sitting in a cafe and bargaining over the prices when somehow idea floated up that I could use some of his part time maid services for a while instead. I said, why the hell no – its still money saved on my end. So, this is how I got me maid cleaning up my condo in exchange for providing computer hardware upgrade services 😀 You live, you learn lol!